Cheap Electric Guitars

Find your dream guitar without going into dept

High quality AND low prices? Cheap electric guitars that not only match with your financial resources but also with your needs? Is that possible? Well, of course it's not that easy having both demands satisfied because... a matter of fact there are a lot of cheap guitars that are really just crap. Just looking at the prize you probably get a guitar that looks like a guitar but sounds like shit. So, don't let you fool!

Cheap guitars are often not set up well. Therefore it's important to check out the guitar you want to buy. Don't just order it on the net or you may have to ajust a lot of things till your new bought axe really works. Go at least first to a store then you can always go and get the model from the net.

A little advise to distinguish between suitable cheap electric guitars and crap...

Take a look at the string height before you buy a guitar. The string should be positioned more or less on an equal height to the fredboard. The distance between string and fingerboard should be about 3/64" (1.2 mm) to 9/64" (2.4 mm).

Does the guitar sound good without amplification? Play all over the fingerboard on every string and listen if there's a buzzing sound that kills the original note you played. It means that the string is too close to the fret board. A little buzz is okay but as soon as the buzzing drowns the played note the guitar has to be ajusted. Let the store employee do that.

In the following reviews I show you what the composition of a good cheap electric guitar. The Squier Bullet Strat is an absolutly great beginner guitar for little money.