Electric Guitar Reviews

Why do I put the Electric Guitar Reviews on the top of my site? Hhmm, I think that doesn't need much explanation...

Rock without electric guitars? No way! Since the beginning of rock music in the mid-50s electric guitars were always in the front line.

At the latest since Jimi Hendrix showed the world how to let the guitar scream, the electric guitar is the most popular and most fascinating instrument on this planet.

No matter if you want to play hardrock, punk, fusion, indie or whatever kind of rock, the electric guitar is an essential part of your sound. And that's also the reason why you're here, right?

My goal is to deliver great stuff about guitars. If you're thinking about buying a guitar I'd help you to choose the right one. If you're not looking for something special then I will hopefully broaden your guitar horizon.

For a good overview you have all electric guitar reviews classified by their style.

Classic Electric Guitars

Guitar models with the classic sound and design of the 50s and 60s. They give you the perfect sound for blues rock, indie rock, americana, funk and all other styles that love strong clean and slightly overdriven sounds.

The Fender Standard Telecaster is THE original of electric guitars and still breathtaking.

Modern Rock and Progressive Rock Guitars

The new generation of guitars. These models have all you could need - and some also a bit more...

The Music Man John Petrucci signature is a high speed guitar but also able to create an amazing acoustic sound.

Metal Guitars

Let's call them axes. Guitars for real hard sound with terrifying looks. These reviews may be x-rated ;-)

Hardrock Guitars

Guitars to creat the sound of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Guitars with a bluesy root but ready to break out into the raw world of hard rock!

Punk Guitars

Simple and straight. No unnecessary gadgets.

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