Fender Standard Telecaster

great versatility and the sound of a legend

Since its introduction in the early 50s the Fender Standard Telecaster has become one of the most important electric guitars. Guitarists all over the world have made it their instrument of choice. To name just a few: Keith Richards, George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Frisell, Albert Lee, John 5...

The Standard Telecaster Series is produced in Mexico. In contrast to the American made Telecaster it is slightly different and therefore has a lower price. It's the legendary Tele in an affordable edition.

Fender Standard Telecaster overlook picture

If you're busy read this short summary...

- The Fender Standard Telecaster has a alder body, neck and fingerboard are made of maple. Generally there's nothing that surprises you on a Tele.

- The classic design fits perfectly with the rest of the package.

- Versatility is the big quality of the Tele. The pickups provide a hot cutting twang sound.

- The new c-shaped neck feels very good. It suits great for chordings.

- A Fender Telecaster belongs definitely to the most reliable instrument on earth.

- Thanks to the Mexican production the Standard Telecaster is an affordable option for a Fender Tele.


Fender Standard Telecaster's body is made of alder and has a polyester finish. Of course it's got the classic Tele shape without any gadgets but the body weights more most modern guitars.

The strings are inserted trough the body and each string has its own saddle. Electronically the Standard Tele has two revoiced hot Standard Telecaster pickups and a three-way selector switch. The two knobs control volume and tone.

The maple neck is bolted onto the body. The fingerboard, also made of maple, measures the original scale length and has 21 medium jumbo frets. With a modern c-shape the neck is slightly different from his forefathers.

Generally the Fender Standard Telecaster remains true to itself. It's built simple and deliberately. As the first electric guitar that went into commercial production it makes sense that the Tele had no special accessories. And even 59 years later it doesn't need any!

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Except for some details the current Fender Standard Telecaster looks just like a Tele produced in the 50s. It still has the beautiful classic look that was an important reason for its huge success.

Like its construction the design is quite simple. Therefore the Tele is able fit in practically every kind of band. It's got its place in the rock and the jazz world, country guitarists adore it and with a black finish even punker and metal guitarists show it on stage.

Fender Standard Telecaster headstock


Do you like the twangy sound of a clean electric guitar? Then you're absolutely at the right place. The Fender Standard Telecaster gives you a great clean sound on both pickups. It's somewhat hotter than the sound of earlier models but it definitely has the twang that Teles are famous for.

With the bridge pickup you get that good tone for chicken picking while the neck pickup produces a nice blues lead sound. The middle position gives you a nice combination of both sounds.

Plugging into a high gain channel the Standard Telecaster delivers sharp and hot sounds. Thanks to the new and hotter pickups your distorted sound won't be muddy or overloaded.

A little extra tip for the Tele is changing the string gauge from 9ers to 11ers. Without affecting playability too much it gives you a much fatter tone. The perfect amp to accentuate the Tele sound could be the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

Playability, Finish

The neck is one very important point where Fender did some great work for their new Standard Telecaster. The modern C-shape fits very nicely in you hand. It allows you to play quite fast lines. But the neck is still best suited for chording. Thanks to the small radius it's easy to play fast changes.

The guitar is normally set up well with low action and proper intonation. Tuning stability is okay when playing smoothly. When making wild bendings don't be surprised when the guitar gets out of tune quite fast. To adjust this little flaw you can exchange the tuning heads by locking tuners.

The Fender Standard Telecaster ain't a metal shred machine. So you have to see it's playability in relation to its purpose. Beside super fast metal playing this guitar is very versatile. Funky riffs, country licks, blues leads, jazz lines with much personality, 60s rock riffs and a lot more - its all in this Tele.

Fender Standard Telecaster electronics


Fender's Telecasters are definitely very reliable. These guitars are loyal instruments since nearly 60 years. So don't worry a Tele won't let you down.

It's unusual for guitars but many people have the opinion that Telecasters get better with time. Anyway the Fender Standard Telecaster will last for many years.

Worth for your money

Retail prices are currently at $550 to $600 in most music stores. Due to the lower cost production in Mexico you pay almost half of the price of an American made Tele.

As it still is a legendary Fender Telecaster with the personality and all the qualities mentioned above it really is worth for the money. If you want a Tele and you have a budget for a mid-range guitar then I would straight buy the Fender Standard Telecaster.

Overall rating and final words

The legend lives on! The Tele still stands for simplicity but great versatility in sound. But Fender developed the Standard Telecaster to the next level with a new neck and hotter pickups.

All in all the Fender Standard Telecaster is a great guitar. Not on the super-highest level of quality but in return you get the Tele for an affordable price.