Finding The Perfect Guitar For My Brother

My elder brother, Jason, had skipped college and formed his own band when he was only 19-years old. My parents had been furious and he had left home then. I rarely got to see Jason following that incident.

I remember the last time day we had spent together. He had taken me shopping to the mall. I bought the usual jeans and shirts I wore like the other kids, and he bought clothes from the stores with punk rock clothing. He was always different from the rest of the teenagers from his college. He always stood out from the crowd because of his bizarre outfits and pitch black hair. He wore guyliner and painted his nails black all the time.

He had then taken me to his favorite store in the entire city: ‘La Guitar Shoppe.’ He showed me the different types of guitars from various brands and explained the difference between each. While he spoke, I kept thinking that if he had been so informative about his studies at school, he wouldn’t be flunking at everything. But he knew so much because he had been playing the guitar since he was 13.

He raved about beginner guitars, cheap guitars, expensive guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and finally he came on his favorite section: electric guitars. He began searching for a guitar for himself then. He got me interested when he told me he would get the one I chose for him. We searched the entire section and the few I liked would have one problem or the other. Every guitar model needs to match the player’s ease of playing and his needs. My eye caught a bright blue guitar standing in the midst of one of the back rows. I asked the shop keeper to take it out. When Jason saw it, he gasped and intently looked at it as though he had seen a treasure of gold. He swung the strap around him and played a tune. He had found the perfect guitar for himself.

Jason is now the front man and the guitarist of his band. His songs are heard around the world and he tours with his band everywhere. Whenever I watch his music videos on television, he has the same guitar on when he plays.

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