The Music Man John Petrucci Signature

Metal Power AND Acoustic Acuteness

The Music Man John Petrucci Signature is the signature guitar of John Petrucci. Petrucci known as one of the finest guitarist on earth helped music man to construct an outstanding progressive rock guitar.There's no need to be a shredmaster to benefit from this excellent instrument. But when you're yet playing progressive stuff you may not be able to let your hand off the JP6.

Music Man John Petrucci Signature overall picture

If you're busy or just lazy then read this quick summary...

- The Music Man John Petrucci Signature is a very modern guitar with two humbucking pickups, a piezo pickup, stereo output, floating tremolo and an ergonomic shaped body.

- The design is elegant and with the mystic dream finish also glamorous.

- The sounds are very versatile. This guitar provides excellent high and low gain tones and some awsome clean sounds.

- Playing this guitar is just gorgeous! The neck is super comfortable and fast, the guitar balance is ideal.

- This guitar is a high quality instrument but also affordable.


The Music Man John Petrucci signature guitar is a pretty light instrument. It has a basswood body, a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard.With c-shaped neck, a 25-1/2" scale length and 24 frets the guitar fits perfectly with Petrucci's preferences. If you want you can pimp up your fretboard with John's personal bullet-shaped inlays. Otherwise you get it with dot inlays.

The John Petrucci Signaure features two direct-mounted humbucking pickups. The neck pickup is a DiMarzio custom humbucking, in the bridge position you have a DiMarzio D-Sonic humbucking pickup. A three-way toggle switch provides the following three voices: bridge pickup, neck pickup, and in the middle, only the inside poles from each pickup connected in parallel.

But there's a lot more! Underneath the string saddle you find a piezo pickup. Of course there's also the proper 3-way toggle piezo/magnetic selector to chose between only piezo, piezo and hummbuckers or only hummbuckers. With the two outputs you get every option to connect the the pickups. Take two mono cables or one stereo cable and you can split your sound to different amps.

The guitar has two knobs for the magnetic pickups’ output volume and tone, and a third knob for volume control of the piezos. Additionally, behind the guitar there are recessed screws for fine-tuning the bass, treble, and mix of the piezo output. The custom floating tremolo bridge and the Schaller locking tuners complete the package.

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This guitar has its own style. It's a mixture of high tech, strength and elegancy! Due to the pretty small head stock and body it looks airy.

There are also some optional features to complete the look. You can pimp up your fretboard with John's personal bullet-shaped inlays. And you can have a matching painted headstock.

A special feature that adds glamour to the John Petrucci Signature is the optional Mystic Dream colour. It provides a different colour everyn incidence angles the light comes from.

Music Man John Petrucci Signature hardware and electronics


John Petrucci uses many different sounds on stage without ever changing his guitar. Accordingly to this his signature guitar is able to create a hole bunch of different sounds.

Starting with the neck pickup it's got an amazingly thick and and sustaining sound. With low gain you achieve warm bluesy tones. Turning the gain up it provides the typical fluty hollow sound John uses while soloing.

On the bridge position you get a very powerful and aggressive tone - perfect for low notes while running through a high gain channel. For lead playing you get a beautifully sustained sound.

It's outstanding how you can control the feedback. So, when you're a feedback lover then this is the ideal tool for you!

The middle pickup position connects the two inner single coils. You get a sound that's perfect for smoother parts in a song with chord strumming and arpeggios. It's pretty similar to a strat sound and you'll be able to get some funky stuff out of it!

Last but not least there's the amazing piezo pickup. It gives you a rich and authentic acoustic sound. Like this it's pretty hard to hear the difference between an acoustic running through an amp or PA our Music Man John Petrucci Signature.

The next step made me definitly fall in love with this guitar. Due to the stereo output (one for the humbuckers, one for the piezo) you can routethis axe through two amps - for each output one amp. Like this you can create a stereo sound of an acousic and overdriven guitar. It's hard to find the wordsto describe the sonic possibilities that arise with this feature!

All in all the Music Man John Petrucci Signature is very versatile in its tone. Of course it won't replace a good old tele or les paul. But especially for prog rockers you find plenty of awsome sounds.

The perfect amp for this guitar would be John Petruccis Road King by Mesa/Boogie. With the stereo channel try a Fender Jazzchorus for the piezo output.


To play this guitar is a treat! It is definitly among the most comfortable ones I've ever had in my hands. The basswood body is curved in all the right places. Thanks to its light weight and its balance this guitar fits great while playing standing or seated.

The round c-shaped neck is slightly thicker than other prog rock guitars like John Petrucci's former Ibanez Signature. But it is still pretty thin and and has a very flat fingerboard. Even when playing for a long period the neck still feels comfortable.

As Petrucci is one of the greatest virtuosos nowadays his signature guitar is certainly one of the fastest instruments on the market. You can throw your wildest runs at it with ease. From clean funky rhythms to heavy metal riffs the narrow neck always suits perfect. And the deep cutaway lets you play on all 24 frets without handicap.

The controls and the pickup switches are simple in funktionality. The pickup switch for the humbuckers is easy to reach while the switch humbucker/piezo is in the position above the strings like the pickup switch of a Gibson Les Paul. If you like to play with volume and tone controls then these are probalby too far away.

The floating tremolo in combination with the locking tuners has a very high tuning stability.

Music Man John Petrucci Signature tremolo bridge


Music Man guitars are generally built very solid. All Music Man products are still manufactured in San Luis Obispo/California. All materials used on the John Petrucci Signature are high quality. Since 2001 when this guitar first came out musicians all over the world rely on it on stage and in the studio.

Worth for your money

The retail price for the base model is $1,705. The 7 string option costs additionally $200, the Piezo option $350, the Signature Color $400. If you want a matched painted headstock you have to pay another $100 and for the optional custom inlay $190.

This guitar is definitly worth for the money. The high quality features and production, playing comfort, tone versatility and design are a very good reward for this price!

Overall rating and final words

The Music Man John Petrucci Signature has just blown me away when I had it the first time in my hands. And I'm still a big fan of this fabulous instrument. As you can see above this guitar hasn't got any defenciencies. Every thing fits and is in a great balance! In many rock genres it belongs to the few best instruments on the market. Especially as a prog rocker the John Petrucci Signature may be the perfect guitar for you.