The Squier Bullet Strat

the solid and affordable option to begin with

The Squier Bullet Stratocaster is a guitar made for beginners. Some people may only use this guitar to destroy it on stage but there's a lot more in this cheap guitar. Squier designed their Bullet model as a the most affordable but solid option of a stratocaster. When you're a beginner then this guitar may be the perfect starting point to begin with!

Squier Bullet Strat overall picture

If you're busy read this short summary...

- The Squier Bullet Strat is solid built beginner guitar with all the basic Strat features and a tremolo bridge.

- The legendary Strat design is always a good choice.

- The sounds you get out of the Bullet are good enough for a cheap guitar. They're of course very Strat-like.

- This guitar has a great feel and a good finish.

- Due to its simple and solid construction the Squier Bullet won't let you down.

- The prize is very hot. If you like this guitar don't hesitate it's worth every cent.


With cheap guitars features are often a very weak point. But the Squier Bullet Stratocaster is more than a bunch of crap. Unlike earlier editions the current Bullet model is not laminated but has a basswood body. Its weight is pretty low since the body is slimmer than other Stratocasters.

The bolt-on neck is made of maple and has a rosewood fingerboard. It's c-shaped, has 21 frets, common dot inlays and measures 25.5". That means there's nothing extraordinary, every thing's based on traditional Fender Stratocaster features.

The headstock is in the shape of Fender's late 60s Strats and has simple chrome tuners. On the other end of the strings you have a vintage style tremolo bridge with six chrome saddles.

Electronically, the Squier Bullet has one master volume and two tone control knobs, with a five way selector switch. There are three pickups, all of which are Squier brand single coils. As mentioned before you've got nothing special on this guitar.

For detailed information about the Squier Bullet Strat's features click here.


It's design is totally bald and simple. As this a cheap guitar don't expect any extras or gadgets. But this look just fits with practically every band or kind of music you want to play. And last but not least the Strat style is a legend that will never die.

Especially when you're unsure what style you want to play this guitar may be the perfect solution. Thanks to its simple design it'll fit in a jazz combo or a country band. As a punker don't hesitate to pimp it up with stickers and as a metal guitarist just take it with the black finish and you'll rock the stage!

Squier Bullet Strat headstock and fingerboard


Generally speaking the Squier Bullet Stratocaster provides the classic sound of a strat. So get that tense and twangy clean sound but definitely thinner than the tone of other strats. With more gain it gets pretty noisy and therefore annoying to play. And here we're dealing with the real weak point on this guitar - the pick ups.

If you aren't a beginner, it is probably a good idea to swap them out with some higher quality single coils. But if you are, they hold up just fine in trying to figure out your own guitar playing style.

As this guitar's concept is a beginner model I recommend to plug it into a beginner amp like the Peavey Rage 158 or the Fender Bullet 150. When you're a beginner then don't think too much just try it out and you will see in what direction your sound will develop.

Playability, Finish

Normally you would find some serious flaws on a guitar in this prize range. And you will probably not get a Squier Bullet that is set up perfectly. But all in all this guitar is fully functional. Especially the slim body shape and the comfortable neck have a excellent feel. And I think that's by far okay if this is your first guitar.

On the other side the factory strings should be replaced - they are just too flat sounding. The tuning heads won't endure much pressure but that's alright like this you learn to retune quickly;-) String height and intonation may also be not in a ideal adjustment. If you're not familiar with that stuff let that be the problem of a pro.

Squier Bullet Strat electronics and hardware


The Squier Bullet Strat is actually a very tough instrument. For the claim of a beginner it lasts in any case. Thanks to its simple construction its also easy to replace a damaged part. Even the hole neck could be exchanged because it's only bolt on.

You always have to consider this is a cheap guitar. It's not unusual that knobs, tuners and bridge elements loosen over time. With only little craftsmanship you will be able to correct these flaws.

Worth for your money

This guitar is definitely worth its money! Current store prizes are about $100 - affordable for everyone who wants to play guitar. In return you get a solid guitar capable of some cool sounds, comfortably to play and with a great strat look. I think that's more than enough!

Overall rating and final words

Of course this guitar can't get the best ratings, it's still a cheaply manufactured instrument. Compared to other guitars in this prize range the Squier Bullet ranks very high. Most importantly there's nothing serious in the way get some nice tones out of this guitar.

If I was still a rookie I would probably buy one of these Squier Bullets myself. And even as an experienced guitarist it's still cool to play this guitar from time to time.

Another quality of the Bullet is the possibility to learn some craftsmanship on this model. Because the guitar is robust and most parts are easy to replace. And if you make a mistakes as a part of the learning process that's fine because it didn't spoil your $5000-Gibson...